Solid. That’s the way we’d describe our partnership.

Stephanie Glaze

Office Manager

Phone: (336) 376-7000
Fax: (336) 217-7979

Clients might not see Stephanie Glaze in the office at Envision Wealth Partners, but they feel her attention to detail in the quality of communications and service they experience.

Stephanie joined the team in 2014 and brings more than 20 years of administrative support and client management experience. Behind the scenes, she handles the daily operations, including bookkeeping and compliance.

“It’s very gratifying watching Brian and Larry do what they love. Both men have this wonderful ability to explain things in a way that makes sense to people – it makes an impact on the everyday lives of the people we work with!” says Stephanie.

Outside the office, Stephanie stays close with both hers and Brian’s big families. She likes reading and baking and movies when there’s an extra moment. Stephanie and Brian welcomed their first child in 2019 and their second in 2022.

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