Evolution of Partnership and Practice

What began as a professional relationship in regional banking in 2004 has evolved into the wonderful, independent financial planning practice we have today. Somewhere between conversations about the importance of protecting and growing assets, minimizing risk, and being home for family dinners, we realized we make a great team.

Larry is born.
Larry is a Marine Corps Radar Intercept Officer
Brian is born
Larry pivots from a 20-plus-year career in HR with Duracell and Cone to financial services with Edward Jones in Burlington, NC
Brian begins working as a Loan System Operator at a local bank in Durham, NC
Larry is an accomplished advisor and investment consultant with a regional bank
Larry notes Brian’s professional skills and accomplishments in regional banking and initiates talks for a partnership
Larry and Brian form a 50/50 partnership serving 1200 clients in 12 bank branches across North Carolina
Larry and Brian join LPL Financial and launch their own independent financial planning practice
Larry and Brian are asked to join Atlanta-based Integrated Financial Group to enhance their expertise for clients
Larry and Brian Join Avantax Wealth Management and affiliate with Legacy Capital to further expand their independent practice to include Tax Smart Investing.

Working Together for You

Brian Glaze and Larry Ware have a shared mission to help clients simplify what seems complex. Their approach to partnership combines experience, education, friendship, and a healthy dose of humor for good measure. Let Envision Wealth Partners inspire you to define and pursue your best financial life.

Are you looking for a long-term financial partner to help you view life differently?

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